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Brain4KAREN Davis runs a busy naturopathic practice in Dunedin. She is a chartered natural-medicine practitioner and registered naturopath, medical herbalist and remedial-massage therapist, specialising in the Neurological Integration System (NIS) as taught by Neurolink.

Holistic medicine addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of patients, with treatment tailored to meet each person's individual needs. As a complete system of healthcare, Karen is passionate about NIS, saying it is both groundbreaking and profound. NIS accesses and utilises the most accurate diagnostic and corrective tool available the patient's brain (not the mind). The principles underpinning NIS are based on neuroscience.

Our brain controls optimum function of all body systems via its neurological (nerve) circuitry. It is constantly receiving information from every facet of the body, and in turn sending back fine-tuning messages many times per second. Every cell, organ, gland, muscle, tendon, spinal disc, emotion, hormone, protein etc. is constantly monitored via neurological circuits to the brain. Your brain will always strive to maintain homoeostasis, however certain stressors (be they physical, pathological, neurological or emotional) may exceed our individual ‘set point’ tolerances. The neurological circuit becomes overwhelmed (similar to a fuse blowing at the main in your home) and the brain looses communication with that part or body system. Health potential becomes less than optimal, and this is when symptoms begin to appear. (informing us of a problem).

allanphillipsNIS employs a series of sequential and prioritised steps to determine correct dialogue between the brain and the neurological centres responsible for all physical function. It is both diagnostic and corrective, providing a systematic evaluation of all body systems, as they work together in unison. When optimum function is restored to all body systems, symptoms of ill health are finally able to be addressed. The brain now recognises, and thus can correct, the underlying cellular neurological communication problem. Symptoms of ill health are addressed at their underlying cause – and these will be unique to each individual, even though they may have the same medical diagnosis. Please click on the image to the left to learn more about Neurolink's Neurological Integration System (NIS) from Dr Allan Phillips.

With NIS we evaluate all possibilities specific to each individual – and that is what makes NIS care and correction unique. NIS evaluates WHY and WHERE cellular function and neuronal messaging have “broken down”, and restores original function to overwrought neuronal signalling.

For more information on NIS, check out the description here. You can see an example of how NIS works here.

Many people are able to testify to the health and life-changing results they have experienced with NIS treatment. It is a profound, simple, drug free, non-invasive and effective system of healthcare, suitable for all, from the newborn to the elderly. 

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) developed by Neurolink® is a complete system of healthcare based on validated scientific research from quantum physics and neuroscience. 


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